"What Should We Be Doing While Waiting For Christ's Return"


Sondra L. Kern

Your question as to "What Should We Be Doing While Waiting For Christ's Return" made me want to respond. I found this somewhere and quite honestly don't remember where, but I printed it out because I felt is was what I should be living by:

Walking submissively

Worshiping triumphantly

Witnessing urgently

Working fervently

Watching expectantly

As a person who has been a Christian all my life, but recently "born again" within the past couple of years, my joy and ministry for Christ is in my music. I love to sing - the traditional as well as the contemporary Christian songs, and feel God spoke to me through my music and that's how I became born again. I sing at church in both the Chancel Choir and the Contemporary Ensemble Group, at 3 different nursing homes (one every Sunday after church), for Communion and special Christian services. Because chose to speak to me through my music, I decided to "step out of the boat" and started singing for a nursing home every Sunday after church, even though I was timid about viewing their handicaps and ailments. I prayed about that, and God told me to take the step anyway. Since that time, I have made such a bond with these folks; I love them dearly and I know they love and appreciate me coming to see them every week. I read scripture, we sing about 15 songs, and close with prayer in the name of Jesus. I look forward to seeing them every week and feel bad if I have to miss. I truly feel that I am doing what God wants me to do and using my music to achieve it.

Also, I have recently had an opportunity at the Lutheran church I'm attending to witness to the Sunday School class about the Rapture and discuss the book of Revelation (you may not be aware that many Lutherans do not believe in the Rapture or the book of Revelation). Actually, the sunday school teacher said he would like to consider doing a Bible Study on the book of Revelation. I was so excited about that that I printed off several documents from your website to give him some up front information and shared the website address with him. I hope we can get this to happen.

I am 64 years old, and have (in the past couple years) come to the realization how important it is for me to witness to as many people (no matter who they are) about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I let them know that I feel so full of the Holy Spirit that sometimes I think I might burst if I can't share this feeling and information with others.

My recommendation to those who want to know what to do while waiting on our Lord to return is follow the items I listed above, read your Bible, listen to ministries on the radio or via internet, seek out and be in God's word and truth at all times in all situations, don't be afraid to "step out of the boat" and do something you feel Christ would want you to be doing, but perhaps you are having second thoughts about. Trust Him. Love Him. Talk to Him every minute of every day. And look up, for He is coming for us, and I'm so excited I can't wait.