"What should Christians be doing?"

Denise Styka

1. Commit and stick to a schedule of being in the Word every day.

2. Seek out ways to show people the truth about Scripture, about deceptions being played out in the world and about deceptions being played out in mainstream Christian churches that have gotten away from spreading the Truth in the Word of God

3. Live a life of integrity - the most effective witness that we provide to the people around us is when we live a life of integrity so as to not diminish Christ and His sacrifice for us in any way. There are too many leaders today within the Christian faith that exhibit a lack of integrity.

4. Witness to those around you. This past year when I sent out Christmas cards I included a tract called "How to be 100% sure you will go to Heaven". I sent these to everyone I could think of including my mom's boss, who is Jewish.

5. Pray everyday and keep an active prayer log.

6. Constantly be challenging myself and others around me to live as though Jesus could come a second from now.

7. Take your ministry seriously - Mine is ... www.raptureforce.blogspot.com - and do things to advance that ministry for the cause and purpose of spreading the Gospel.

8. Support Christian causes and websites - Whether you support Rapture Ready, or other Christian websites (I actually help support Prophezine on a monthly basis) and Christian causes (such as Compassion International) do so with the intent to share the gospel.

9. Advance your knowledge in Scripture by participating in Bible classes or in depth Bible studies.

10. Be active in your local church. Whether distributing tracts from the church, inviting people to come with you, actively participating in Sunday School, or ministries within the church. Just do something.