What Should Christians Be Doing?

Donathan Hutchings

I read your Nearing Midnight article today and your question ďWhat should Christians be doing?Ē intrigued me. I gave it a lot of thought and this is what I came up with. I became a Christian several years ago and I wondered what I should be doing. I started praying. Not the kind of prayers you hear or read so many other Christians pray, but a prayer asking our Lord for work. I prayed that He would use me in whatever His will required. At that time, he put a thirst for knowledge for his Word in me and I began to read and study the Bible. During this time, I prayed continually for guidance. I continued on this track until His message became clear.

This time seems now like preparation for the real work he has for me ahead. I kept praying the same prayer, for Him to use me according to his will. Itís been two years now of intense study and I have found myself telling others on what the Lord has done for me, getting involved in church activities (media engineer, executive secretary, and assistant Sunday school superintendent), to assistant Sunday school teacher.

In the past few weeks, He has called me to preach. He has laid the ground work in me and for me and now itís time for me to step up with His help and His words. I guess what I am trying to say is that each believer should first pray. Not the selfish prayer, but the one that asks the Lord to use us. He will take care of the circumstances to place us where He needs us.

Also to be willing to do what He needs us to do. Expect preparation before hand. A person canít just jump right in on his/her own knowledge and expect to be successful. Before my study, my own arrogance told me that I already knew everything I needed to know about the Bible. I canít describe the feeling I got when I realized what I knew of His word amounted to nothing. I hadnít a clue. Finally, go the extra mile like He told us to.

To sum up:

1.. Pray

2.. Be willing

3.. Go the extra mile.

This is just my humble opinion.