Y2K and Anti-Christ

Jack Van Impe: Decursey, along with others, is saying we need a world leader. In fact, last week we reported that some of the top experts globally are saying "we need strong world leaders, and specifically one to control everything, and we believe he's waiting in the wings." Well, you know, the bible teaches in Daniel, Chapter 2 and Daniel Chapter 7 that at the end, the seventh world empire will produce such a man, and that seventh world empire mentioned in Revelation 17:10 is the European Union, the revived Roman empire. And Revelation 13:1 says that he will arise out of the sea, the Mediterranean area, where the European Union nations are located, and he will have such charm, such ability, that all the world will marvel after him, Revelation 13:3. And he has power over all kindred, tongues, people and nations, verse 7, and with this computer problem that Decursey and others are worried about, we're going to see many feel that way. This individual will probably be able to correct it all because he creates a new system in Revelation 13:16-18, whereby no man can buy or sell without it. So apparently the system has been corrected through this individual.

...Rexella: I can't get over it. Jack has just put this computer problem - you have done a beautiful job, Jack - in putting this computer problem in a biblical setting, that there's going to arise someone that will take care of the problem.

Jack: Right.

Jack: Rexella, we need 5 billion, 4 hundred million dollars to correct our own problem, and even if we had the money, it's not going to solve it. Why? We have to bring in an additional 300,000 computer programmers just to get it ready. And the estimates are that 50% of our American computers will not be ready, and it could be as low as 37%, and even if we did get everything corrected, the rest of the world will not, as we will be seeing in the next few weeks. This is shocking!

And we are to warn you! Ezekiel 3:17 says "Warn my people." Ezekiel 33:3, "Blow the trumpet and warn the people." Oh, 1 Thessalonians 5:14, Paul says, "Warn the unruly." You know what that is, in Webster's Dictionary? That's the uncontrolled, the disorderly. And when this confusion, mass confusion comes, there will be a lot of disorderliness in the nation.
Paul was concerned, and this is my heart now. This is the way I want to be. Acts 20:31, "Therefore, watch and remember, that by the space of 3 years I ceased not to warn my people day and night, day and night, with tears."

...Jack: These are not our predictions. We hope they are wrong. But if they're right, this could be the prelude that leads us into the tribulation hour of Revelation 6-18, and the Great Tribulation of 7:14.

....Commentator Advertising New Video Called 2000 Time Bomb: The dire warnings in this emergency video are gleaned exclusively from secular experts in over 300 reports. The facts: No event in history has connected mankind to one common adversary until now. The millennial bug jeopardizes our way of life in ways never imagined. Thousands of programmers working around the clock may not fix this problem in time. Such potential mass confusion confirms endtime prophecy. The impending worldwide panic could signal the end of the age and Christ's glorious return. With only months before the moment arrives, you must have the information found in this shocking video by Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe. 2000 Time Bomb.

...Jack: Rexella, I was going to make this video next year, around February, March. But the Holy Spirit awakened me a few months ago and warned me as to what was coming and that I should warn you. And I'll tell you, this is perhaps the most important video you'll ever receive concerning your own survival and what to do to prepare for what's coming.

...Jack: Computer experts from around the world tell us that the nations of earth will not be ready and there could be calamity and mass devastation. Confusion? Listen to Jesus. He said, "just before I return, nations will be in distress with confusion." Look up that word "perplexity" in Luke 21:25, in Webster's Dictionary and you'll find it means confusion. The next verse says "men's hearts will fail them for fear for looking after those things which shall come to pass on the earth." Jesus went on to say in Luke 21:9, "when you hear of wars and commotions," that which causes confusion, "be not terrified, for these things must first come." First come? Why? Verse 28, "When these things begin to come to pass," and it's going to begin January 1, 2000, "then look up. Lift up your heads, for your redemption draws nigh," and that's the redemption of the body, Romans 8:23, at the time of the rapture, when He says, "Come up hither," Revelation 4:1, and we're caught up in the twinkling of an eye to meet the Lord Jesus, 1 Corinthians 15:22. And so it's all so near. But he went on to say, "when these things are coming to pass," and it looks like it's going to happen very soon, "then you know My kingdom is near. I'm ready to return as the King of kings and the Lord of lords," Revelation 19:16, for that 1000 year reign on the earth, Revelation 20:4.

Rexella: So it may get worse, but it's going to get better.

Jack: Oh, yes.

(Jack Van Impe Show, September 28, 1998)