How precious is the Name of Jesus Christ to you?

By Jason Lovelace

Dear Ones,
In the last recent months and couple of years, we have seen how the world -- especially the United States of America -- has changed with regards to Islam, and its founder, Mohammad.  In the last year alone, we have seen how the person of Mohammad has been so radically defended by those who claim to be Islamic.  From the demonization of Denmark because of the infamous Mohammad cartoons run by a Danish Newspaper, to the Pope being burned in effigy because of true remarks made by him in reference to a medieval Byzantine Emperor who made some quotes about Islam and the Qu'Ran, to Us Colleges, Universities, Public Schools, Newspapers, TV News and Programs, Movies, Books, et. al. who have come to tip-toe around Islam and Mohammad for fear of offending Muslims.  Yet, how is the United states doing with regards to America's most prominent Faith, Christianity?
Think about it this question, folks:  How precious is the Name of Jesus Christ to you?
Also:  How precious is the Name of Jesus Christ to the United States, especially US Media outlets?
How many of us Christians have -- night after night, TV Program after TV Program, Movie after Movie -- accepted what Media has to say about Jesus Christ, and how they use his Name?  You see, Muslims gat Up In Arms when even one sentence condemning Mohammad or Allah is printed or spoken.  How many of us get up in arms when we see Jesus Christ and/or His Name being dragged through the mud, used as a curse word....or worse (read: James Cameron's latest "Documentary" about allegedly finding Jesus' bones in a sarcophagus in the Middle East, The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ, or The DaVinci Code)? 
When was the last time you were sickend by what Hollywood and the Media in the United States?  That moment came for me a few nights ago while watching Mrs. Doubtfire (a so-called "Family" Film), where, in the space of less than thirty minutes, God's name was taken in vain three times, including once by a child.  In the past, my choice, when Jesus' Name was taken in vain or God's name was used to damn someone, was to get up and leave the room (if it wasn't in my house) or turn off the movie/TV (if it happened in my house).  Growing up, if either of those names -- Jesus' or God's -- were used as a curse, Dad had the habit of telling us to turn off the TV or stop the video...and if it were a video and we didn't turn it off immediately, the video went flying across the room, the consequences falling on us if it was a rented one.
How much do you care about the Name of Jesus Christ?  How much does His Name mean to you?  Is his name the only Name through which man can find salvation to you, or is the Name of Jesus Christ and God merely the latest joke in the popular-running sitcom or movie?
Many of you have sent me well-meaning and deep forwards, of which, just about all of them have given me a lot ot think about.  Many of these forwards have come with the closing line "I this means something to you, you will forward it to X amount of people."  This message to you isn't one like that.  You can forward it if you wish, or you can delete it.  My request is as follow:
(1.) The Next Time you are watching a Video, a DVD, a Movie, or a Cable TV Show, and "Jesus Christ" or "God" is used in any other way except in honor, think about how that particular usage affecs you.  Does it make you sick?  Does it make you laugh?  Does it make you want to get up and leave the room?  Does it have no affect at all?
(2.) When you hear "Jesus Christ" or "God" used as a curse, replace it with you wife's/husband's/significant other's/child's/parent's/ name?  Now how do you feel?
(3.) Think about how God's name or Jesus Name is being used as if he were right there with you, because guess what, friends?  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, he really IS right there with you.  Remember how it felt when you were doing something you knew was terrible and Mom and/or Dad caught you in the act?  Does that same feeling come when you hear God's or Jesus' name used as a slur?
(4.) Remember how the Muslims are reacting when Allah, Mohammad, or Islam are defamed.  I am not saying Christians should be violent.  I am saying that we need to get some backbone, and take a stand when Jesus and God and their names are used in dishonorable ways.  If the Muslims can get riled and stand up for a pagan, false god, how can we not do moreso for the Name of Jesus Christ, the name who gives eternal life to all who will receive?
(5.) The next time you are invited to watch a movie, a video, or a DVD, and you hear Jesus' Name or God's Name used as a curse, walk out.  That's it.  Simply get up from where you are sitting, and walk out.  This will give a good chance to witness to unbelievers, becasue they will ask why you are leaving or why you left.  Further, mark those actors/actresses who use God's or Jesus' names inappropriately, because if they do it once in a movie, chances are, they'll do it again.   
(6.) The next time you have a movie in your home, either by way of DVD, Video, or Cable/Satellite TV, and you hear God's name or Jesus' Name being used dishonorably, turn off the TV/DVD-Video player, or change the channel.  If guests are at your house and this happens, again, you can explain why you did it.  If there is protest from anyone, kindly explain to them how much Jesus Christ means to you.  If there is still protest, politely show your guests the door.
(7.) Pray and ask God for help in this, because the Enemy will always find ways to help you compromise and let Christ's name or God's name slide by as a curse.
Finally, let me ask again:  How much does that name above all names mean to you?  The United States used to be a place where Jesus' Name and where God were honored.  It can be again, but it must begin with us at home.  Thank you for your time.