Types in the Bible

How they Correspond to teaching


By Don Mills

Types in the Bible are a Shadow of (GOOD things to come), and not the very image of the thing, Heb 10:1. What do these Types reveal about Christ's Bride?

There are now some Christians who don't believe that the Church is the Bride of Christ as strange as that sounds. There are those who don't believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture even though it is the most widely held view among Evangelicals. These people are left with no explanation for the types in the Bible that clearly reveal a Pre-Trib Rapture for the Bride of Christ! These people can not explain why some types in the Bible only add to a Pre Trib view, and sadly, many of them don't seem to care what the scripture reveals. Their minds are made up and don't confuse them with anything from the Word. They are left trying to explain away how Joseph married, Asenath a gentile bride (before the seven years of famine) and how it means nothing! Looking at the life of Joseph, a Type of Christ in the Old Testament we see too many comparisons in his life and his Marriage to ignore. The life of Isaac and his Marriage to Rebekah is another revealing type that only shows a Pre Trib position not Tribulation for his Bride.  

Joseph A Type Of Christ

Joseph was a Shepherd as is Christ, Gen 37:2 John 10-11

Joseph was 30 years old when he began his Ministry as was Christ, Gen 41:46, Luke 3:23

Joseph was “beloved” of his father as was Jesus

Joseph was sent unto his brethren, so was Jesus

Joseph's brethren refused to receive him, so did the brethren of Jesus

Joseph was sold by his brethren, so was Jesus, Gen 37:27-28, Matt 26:15

Joseph was unjustly accused and condemned, Gen 39:13-14, as was Jesus

Joseph and Jesus were silent before their accusers, Gen 39:20, Mark 15:4

Joseph was buried in prison, so was Jesus in the Tomb of Joseph

Joseph was resurrected from prison and exalted to sit with Pharoah on his throne, so Jesus was resurrected and exalted to sit on His Father's Throne.

Joseph on the throne became the dispenser of bread to starving Egypt, so Jesus on His Father's Throne is the “Bread of Life” for a perishing world. Gen 41:57

Joseph knew his brethren the first time, but they did not know him, so Jesus knew His brethren when He came the first time but they knew him not. Gen 42:7-8

Joseph made himself known to his brethren when they came the “Second time”, so Jesus will be recognized by the Jews when He comes the Second Time. Gen 45:3-4

After Joseph's revelation of himself to his brethren, they proclaim that he hast saved their lives, Gen 47:25. So when Jesus reveals Himself to His brethren the Jews they will proclaim Him alive and the Saviour Of Mankind.

Joseph then establishes his brethren and their families in the “land of Goshen”, Gen 45:10, so Jesus will re-establish the Jews in the Land Of Palestine.

The life of Joseph clearly parallels the Life of Christ. Now, when we get to looking at (the marriage of Joseph) all these types are a shadow of GOOD things to come and they add weight to the argument for a Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ. To argue against this is to do damage to the beauty and harmony of what the scripture is revealing.

After Joseph was exalted he got, Asenath, a Gentile Bride, so Jesus will get a Gentile Bride after his resurrection-- The Church.

AFTER Joseph got his (gentile bride) his brethren (then) suffered a SEVEN YEAR FAMINE and they came to him for corn, so AFTER Jesus gets His Bride, His brethren, the Jews, will turn to him, during the time of “Jacobs Trouble”, “Daniel's 70th week”, the “Tribulation”, for relief. The famine in Egypt is a picture of (The World), so the type shows a 7 year period of tribulation on the known world Egypt. This shows a clear Type of Gentile Bride for Joseph and how he gets his Bride BEFORE the Tribulation on the known WORLD just as Christ will get his Bride before the Tribulation on the World.

It becomes very hard to argue with the flow and harmony of scripture when we look at the types throughout the Bible that only add clear insight for a Pre-Trib Rapture of the Church, which is the Bride of Christ. It is evident that there are many different TYPES throughout scripture that help us as believers to know the TRUE meaning of GOOD things to come. We will see these meanings revealed if we don't ignore or disregard what scripture is plainly saying.

Abraham is a type of God

Sarah is a type of Israel

Isaac is a type of Jesus

Eliezer is a type of the Holy Spirit

Rebekah is a type of the Church

Keturah a type of Israel Restored

There will be those who still (resist the obvious) about the types in the Bible which are the GOOD things to come. It seems that some people would rather hope for bad things but the Bible clearly reveals a Pre-Tribulation Rapture for the Church or (Bride of Christ). Let's see if we can find another plain and obvious type in scripture.

Abraham is a type of God

Isaac is a Type of Christ

Both Isaac and Christ were Children of Promise, Gen 15:4  Isa 7:14

The birth of both were Pre-Announced Gen 18:10  Luke 1:30-31

Both were named Before their birth, Isaac- Gen 17:19  Jesus- 1:31

Both had a miracle birth

Sarah was Barren

Mary was a virgin

Both Isaac and Christ called only Son, Gen 22:2 Heb 11:17 and John 3:16

Both Isaac and Christ were mocked and persecuted by their own Kindred. Gen 21:9-10   Gal 4:28-29 Matt 27:29

Neither Isaac or Christ had Broken the Law that they should be executed for. Gen 22:2 Matt 27:24

Isaac carried the wood on which he was to die like Christ carried his Own Cross. Gen 22:6  John 19:17

Isaac went willingly to the alter, so Christ went willingly to the Cross. Gen 22:9 John 10:17

Isaac taken to Mt Moriah or Calvary, to be offered Gen 22:1-2 where Christ died 

Both apparently given up or Forsaken by His Father. Gen 22:2 Matt 27:46

In both cases God intervened!

So if Isaac's  Life so closely parallels that of Christ then why wouldn't his marriage to Rebekah parallel the marriage of Christ to his Bride? There will be those who still try and act like none of this means anything concerning the Rapture of the Church, but at some point we must stop fighting against what scripture is plainly revealing through teaching and in Type.

What was the role that Eliezer played and what does that reveal about Christ and His bride? 

Eliezer A Type Of The Holy Spirit

As Eliezer was a servant of Abraham, so the Holy Spirit is a Servant of God. Gen 15:1-2

As Eliezer's mission was to go to Haran and get a bride for Isaac, so the Holy Spirit has been sent from Heaven to get a Bride For Christ.

As Eliezer was not sent to get a bride for Isaac until AFTER he was typically offered up, so the Holy Spirit was Not sent to get a Bride for Christ until AFTER His Death and Resurrection.

As Eliezer did not talk about himself, but his Master's son, so the Holy Spirit does not talk about Himself, But About Christ.

As Eliezer was urgent, so the Holy Spirit is Urgent. Gen 24:53-56  2Cor 6:2

As Eliezer by the precious gifts he gave Rebekah revealed the wealth of his Master Isaac, so the Holy Spirit by his Gifts gives us a foretaste of what is in store for the Bride of Christ, the Church.

When Eliezer got Rebekah's consent to be the Bride of Isaac, He Himself took her back; he did not send her back while he remained with her kinsfolk. So when the Bride, the Church, is ready the Holy Spirit will go back to heaven with her. Rev 4:5

Rebekah a clear type of the Bride Of Christ.

As Rebekah was a Virgin so the Church will be presented as Espoused Virgin to Christ. Gen 24:16, 2Cor 11:2.

As Rebekah believed and yielded to the pleadings of Eliezer, so the Church believes and yields to the pleadings of the Holy Spirit.

As Rebekah was willing to separate herself from her kinsfolk for Isaac's sake, so the Believer is willing to separate himself from his kinsfolk for Jesus Sake.  Gen 24:57-58.

Her family proclaimed unto Rebekah, “be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate thee” Gen 24:60. As the Church will bring thousands of millions of believers to Christ.....

As Eliezer on the way to Isaac told Rebekah all about his Master Isaac, and what was in store for  her, so the Holy Spirit as we journey on our earthly pilgrimage tells us what is in store for us when we shall meet our Isaac----Jesus.

As Rebekah was a Gentile bride, so the Church of Christ is a Gentile Bride.

As Rebekah did NOT have to pass through ANY tribulation before she left her home to go to Isaac, so the Church will NOT have to pass through the Tribulation before meeting Jesus. Rev 4:1.

As Isaac left his home and went out into the field to meet Rebekah, so Jesus himself will Descend from heaven to meet His Bride, the Church in the air. Gen 24:63, 1Thess 4:16-18

As it was “eventide” when Isaac met Rebekah, so it will be the (Eventide of this Dispensation of Grace) when Jesus meets His Bride, the Church. Gen 24:63.

As Isaac (came from the well of La-hai-roi) Gen 24:62, which means the PRESENCE of HIM that Liveth and Seeth! So Christ will leave his Fathers Presence who Liveth and Seeth, to go out and meditate in the field and meet his Bride!  Gen 24:62-63, John 17:20-24.

Again this shows that there will be no Tribulation for Christ's Bride, it just isn't revealed. Quite the contrary it only shows how the Church at the end of this Dispensation of Grace, will be met by the Lord Himself in the clouds. It's a love story with a GOOD ending and these types in the Bible are a shadow of GOOD things to come. Not even a hint of any part of the 7 year tribulation. This again adds to the type with Joseph taking his Gentile Bride BEFORE the 7 YEAR Famine and then Rebekah not going through ANY tribulation before she is taken. Those who believe in a Mid Trib or Post Trib have to go out of their way to discredit these types because they do extreme damage to both of those ideas.

ENOCH was a type of Translated or Raptured Saint! He was caught out “before” the Flood, and the flood is a (type) of the Tribulation, and Noah and his family are the “Jewish Remnant” or 144,000 sealed ones of Rev 7:1-8 who will be preserved through the Tribulation.

Even MOSES is a type of Christ, got his Bride, and she was a Gentile, “after” his rejection by his brethren, and “before” they passed through the Tribulation under Pharoah. Ex 2:23-25

It is the failure to understand the lofty place the Lord has reserved for His Bride and that is why some people can not grasp the true position of the Bride. The Church will rule as consorts in His Kingdom and we will co-share in His reign, John 14:20. Remember in the final standing we are not servants or subjects. The Bride (always) Reigns with the Bridegroom, she is not a subject in the Kingdom. John 17:21-22 The Bride is never invited to her own wedding. A Bride is there at her wedding by her standing in that she is marrying the Bridegroom! She will not be a subject in the Kingdom, she will rule and reign with Christ! 

The Church will be Raptured just like Enoch was (taken to heaven BEFORE the Tribulation of the Flood began). Leaving the Remnant of the Jews to go through the Tribulation Flood but ultimately protected in the Ark. Like Isaac's Gentile Bride Rebekah was met by Isaac in the evening, so will the Lord meet his Bride, the Church, in the Evening of, the Day of Grace and right before the Day of The Lord starts. To the world it will be like, a Thief in the night! This EVENT will usher in The Day of The Lord! The Lord will take his Bride before the 7 year Tribulation just as Joseph took his Bride before the 7 year Famine!

Moses  was a type of the Church, (The Lord comes to Moses in a Cloud) with the voice of a TRUMPET and then the people would COME UP to the mount Sinai Ex 19:13,16 just like the Church, when it hears the TRUMPET and is CAUGHT UP in the Clouds to meet the Lord, Ex 19:9,13,16, Ex 20:18, 1Cor 15:51-53, 1Thess 4:16-18 . Moses and the children of Israel would hear the TRUMPET and GO UP to Mt Sanai as the Lord descended in the cloud. Hebrews 12:18-23 connects this thought together with how Israel heard the TRUMPET and went up to Mt Sanai, but, Israel could not endure that which was commanded at Mt Sanai, but .......The Church hears the TRUMPET and are Come unto Mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels. To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect. So, the Trumpet sounding and the Going Up to Mt Sanai are similar to the Church, but the Church will be changed, raised incorruptible, 1Cor 15:52-53 and will be able to receive everything in Mt Sion in Heaven when we're Caught Up! This leads us to.......

The Apostle John in Rev 4:1 as a TYPE of the Church being Translated or Raptured to heaven after he hears a TRUMPET that says to, COME UP HITHER, see also Rev 1:10. John was then immediately in the Spirit before the Throne and most Evangelicals would say that this is a picture or type of the Rapture of the Church, but there is even more in chapter 4 of Revelation that points to a Pre Trib Rapture. In verse 4, The 24 Elders are now in Heaven also! WHO ARE THEY? They are the Old Testament Saints representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel along with the 12 Apostles! Notice they are in HEAVEN before the Throne! see (Rev 21:2-4) so this is a clear picture of the Rapture, or First Resurrection. In verse 5 it also shows the seven Spirits of God before the Throne! In Vine's Bible Dictionary it points out that seven spirits of God is a term to show the completeness and perfectness of. This is an indication that indeed the Holy Spirit's work is completed on the earth for the (Church age) and (Now) he is seen in Heaven before the Throne!


So, John hears the TRUMPET and has been CAUGHT UP to Heaven and he sees the 24 Elders in Heaven and the Holy Spirit is now in Heaven. This gives clear evidence for a Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Church! Mid Trib or Post Trib views of the Rapture won't fit here at all. If John is a type of Church being Raptured, then what he sees  is what we the Church will witness during the rest of the book of Revelations! John referred to himself as the disciple that Jesus loved at least 3 times in the Gospel of John. If what we are seeing here is really a love story of GOOD things to come, then it certainly fits that John representing a TYPE of the Church in Rev 4:1 is truly the Beloved! It shows Jesus love for his Bride in (John the Beloved). This only fits with the Rapture of the Church at the start of the Tribulation! The Holy Spirit had John point out the Love that the Lord had for, John the Beloved for a distinct reason, to show that we (his Bride) will be removed from the earth at the start of Rev 4! If John is a TYPE of the Church it is noteworthy also that he was the only Apostle that WAS NOT martyred! Why is that important, because there are those people who assume that the Church will be martyred during the Tribulation. If John is a type of the Church (beloved) then the Church will not be martyred.  


These are all Biblical Types that reveal a Pre-Trib Rapture of the Church and in John the Beloved's case an actual picture of the Church and Old Testament Saints along with the Holy Spirit now in Heaven and all this has happened by Revelation 4:1-5! Like the Angel said to Lot, “hurry, escape there, for I can not do anything until you arrive there...” The Angel could not let the Judgment start until lot was safely removed from Sodom and Gomorrah. The time of Judgment and Tribulation on the earth cannot start until the Church is Raptured out of this world.  This is because, it will be a time of purging out the sinners of Israel and Judgment on the World to bring in the Millennial Kingdom. This is when we see the Lamb in chapter 5 take the Book out of the hand of the father because all Judgment has been given to the Son. At this point Jesus is no longer sitting on the Throne of Grace and Judgment is about to begin.      

For God has not appointed us to wrath. 1Thess 5:9