I was raised Roman Catholic. I attended Catholic school through high school and never missed a Sunday at church. I thought that because I had been baptized as an infant in the Catholic church that I would go to Heaven. After all, I rationalized that I was a "good person" and lived the way God would want me to. I even prayed occasionally.

One day a college friend asked me if I knew whether or not I would go to Heaven when I died. I told her that I was a good person and never missed church. I said that I lived the way God would have me live and that I thought I would probably go to Heaven. She was concerned about my response. She told me that it was not about being good enough, but that it was about knowing Jesus personally. I did not understand what she meant, and so she just let it go. But I never forgot what she said.

About 5 years later, another Christian friend asked me the same question. I told her the same thing. I said that I was a "good person" who never missed church and that I thought I would go to Heaven. This friend, however, pressed on. She asked me about my salvation moment. I had no idea what she meant. So, she explained that if I did not have a time at which I asked Jesus into my heart, that I was not saved. I resisted and she let the matter drop for a time.

But that friend never gave up on me. Every now and then, she would encourage me to "make a moment" of salvation. She never forced me, but always loved me no matter what my response was. One day, she gave me Left Behind. I sat down to read it while my children were napping. At one point in the book, the pastor encourages the reader to pray the sinner's prayer. I couldn't help but think of all my friend had said to me over the last year. I got on my knees and read the prayer out loud, giving my heart and life to Jesus. There were no fireworks, or rockets, but I knew without a doubt from that moment on that I belong to Him!

My life began to change immediately. I started to read my Bible and go to church because I wanted more Jesus in my life. My marriage grew as did my relationship with my children. Jesus is my whole life now!

Unfortunately, many of my family members are trapped as I was believing that because they were baptized as infants, and are good people that they will make it into Heaven. I have told them my testimony, but they refuse to hear the Message. It grieves my heart, but I continue to share it until Jesus comes again for His own. I pray that the Holy Spirit will soften hearts, and use my testimony to lead others to Himself.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to here about my "moment." I hope it will bear fruit where Jesus sees fit. Come,  Lord Jesus!!!!!!!

Your Sister in Christ,

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