My name is Ronda and this is the story of my son, Christian.  I was raised a Christian and went to the first Church of God in Springfield Ohio until I was about 11 years old.  My parents stopped going to Church and got a divorce when I was 12 years old.  I never really gave God any thought for a long time. 

When I was 24 years old I met and fell in love with a man named Charlie.  Charlie had a problem, some called it bi-polar, others called it paranoid-schitsophrenic.   I didn't really know God when I met Charlie.  Charlie told me that I needed to get closer to God, that I had forgotten who had put me on this earth. 

We had a child together when I was 26 years old.  We named him Christian.  Six months after Christian was born,  Charlie went into what is called stress induced Psychosis, or in other words, he wigged out. He tried to kidnap Christian, when I told him it would be over my dead body, Charlie proceeded to try to kill me.  The police were called and Christian was taken into protective custody.   

I spent the next six weeks praying to God for the return of my son and he told me to do whatever I had to do to get that boy back  After agreeing never to let Charlie see Christian again, moving 3 times, praying, psychological evaluations, praying, drug tests, praying, parenting classes, praying, and many many court dates I finally got back custody of my precious son. 

I moved on with my life, went back to college and got a job in a hospital.  I met a man named Donnie and we got married.  We gave Christian a little brother named Cody and life was perfect. 

One Sunday morning in when Christian was 5 years old, he woke up at am screaming.  I jumped out of bed rushed to his room and asked him what was wrong.  He told me that he turned on his bedroom light and it was hurting his eyes.  I felt his forehead and he was burning up with fever.  Then he started vomiting. I assumed he just had a touch of the flu, but  I called the pediatrician anyway, she called me back in the middle of her Church service.  

She told me to give him pedialyte and if he couldn't keep it down take him the the ER where I worked.  Well he did not keep it down, so I took him to the hospital.   While we were there his pediatrician was called again and she left the Church to come and take care of him.  She had a blood test run and told me that his white cell count was extremely high, that it indicated a serious infection, and that we needed to find the source of the infection.  She asked Christian who I was and he just looked at me with a blank stare and said "I don't know who she is.  It broke my heart that my son did not know who I was..  After she had exhausted all the other possibilities she told me that she had arranged for Christian to be transferred to the local Children's hospital.  He needed to get a spinal tap, she believed he had spinal meningitis.  I was devastated.  I called my husband who met me at the other hospital   

The spinal tap came out positive. 

Four Doctors told me at 3 am that Christian would not be leaving the hospital for quite some time and that when and if he did leave he would be deaf, blind and probably retarded, he would not be able to walk the list went on and on.  I left that room and went to the Church Chapel and prayed for God to please help my little boy. 

After 12 days in the hospital he was back to his normal self.  Today he is a perfectly normal 14 year old boy, is on the honor roll at school and skateboards all the time. 

Thank you heavenly father for answering my prayers! Ronda

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