My name is Debbie and I live in Zimbabwe.  I came to know the Lord lots of years ago and then back slide after my husband had an affair and we got divorced.  I was only 20 years old and had been married for 4 years with two children.  I went a bit wild and got remarried to a man who drank and loved his woman.  I recommitted myself to the Lord and stayed with this man for 8 years, putting up with the alcohol, the woman chasing and the beatings, thinking that this is where God wanted me.  

Eventually I thought to hang with God, if he wanted me to live like this he couldn't be the loving God he was proclaimed to be, so I got divorced again and moved away from God, although he never moved away from me.  I spent nearly ten years living with two men in that time, searching for something and decided to give God another chance.  I prayed that he would give me a man who would share the faith with me and support me and who would love God more than he loved me. I then met and married my third husband.  I never wanted to get married but I had recommitted my life to the Lord therefore I couldn't live in sin either so I took the least painful option and got married !!!  

My husband Steve had just been Baptized when I met him.  We started our married life with my two children Shane and Keri from my second marriage and his daughter Shavon from his second marriage.  He didn't have any children from his first and I had two, one Tabetha who was married with two children and Jason who was at that stage a total thorn in my side and lived with his aunt.  We stayed in a two bedroom flat and decided we need a bigger house.  

I put my order into God for a 5 bedroomed house and an entrance hall, with a scullery and a walk in pantry and a bathroom on suite.  Well not even a month later I had my house !!!!  I had big dreams of my husband and myself having our own room and each of the children, with the two girls sharing, having their rooms and my mother who by now had also moved having her room and I could have a room to turn into a study.  That was MY plan !!!  But God had another PLAN for us !!!!!  

My sister is an alcoholic and lives on the streets.  She doesn't want to know the Lord and she is loving the world to much, although I believe that will change !!!!  She has three beautiful children who are very close to my heart and every day and every night I would ask God to watch over these little mites as they lived under over hanging rocks.  One day God told me to go and find my sister and take her children into my home to be raise in a Christian manner by us !!!!  Well God and myself had a major debate !!!  I told God that it was his job not mine, we couldn't afford etc etc !!!!  I came up with all the excuses I could think of.  So what did God do ?  He brought them into my path !!!  

One night on my way home from work I stopped at a supermarket to buy some bread and milk and I spotted my sister and her boyfriend with her three children sitting on a grass verge where all the hobos sat.  I went over and asked her what she was doing there and she told me that she was waiting for a friend of her to collect her and her family.  That night at about 10.30 I had a niggelly feeling and asked Jason (my 21 year old son) to take my car and drive to the supermarket to see if they had been collected.  They hadn't !!!  She was sleeping in a drunken stupor and the little children were sitting in the rain  waiting patiently for the mother to wake up.  

My son brought them home and the next day she left leaving her children in my care.  I thanked God that now I knew where they were and what they were up to and I asked God to stop there !!!!  But God knows best, Praise the Lord. 

My other sister came to visit me with her one son.  She was having a hard time in South Africa and I asked her to come and stay with me a bit.  Unfortunately she fell into the trap of making easy money and agreed to carry drugs from South Africa to the United Kingdom for some people she knew in South Africa and the next thing we knew she was phoning me from the holding cell at the airport in the U.K. to tell me she had been arrested for carrying drugs.  I collected her three children together and I now had 6 foster children.  

Then my 21 year old son came to live with me.  This was fine except he didn't believe in God.  He wouldn't say Grace at meal times, he wouldn't sit with us if we had Church visitors, it was just awful !!!!  His cousin used to visit and he was a total satanist !!!!  I tried to talk to them and just got shouted down.  So to save the peace in a house with 16 people living in it !!! I used to keep quiet !!!!  Then I had enough and knew I had to tackle a stand against satan !!!  

My son had his 21st Birthday Party and the next day I started taking my stand in our home !!!  I went first thing in the morning and poured out all the alcohol that was left over from the party !!!  I must have emptied +/- 5-6 bottles of vodka, cane, whisky etc down the zinc.  I then made a big notice for my front gate saying that my yard was an alcohol free premises and it would be appreciated if people treated it as such. That is when the Changed started !!!!!  

I stopped playing films which had violence, sex and drugs and stopped listening to music which I didn't think Jesus would listen to !!!  I started playing Jessie Duplantis tapes and my son and nephew although pretending that they weren't watching, watched and we prayed for these two souls and took a stand against satan as a family and claimed them back from him in Jesus' name.  

On Sunday 14th October both my son and my nephew gave their hearts to the Lord and are being Baptized on Sunday 1st November 2001.  Praise God for his Glory and Power and His strength !!!!  

My son wants to get married to the girl he is living with and will do so on the 1st of November !!!!!!  This may not be as electrifying as some of the people that write to you, but living with satanist and trying to be Christians is not funny.  

I just Praise God for the strength He gave me to stand up against satan and say 'enough is enough' 

Have a great God filled day. 


Debbie Rowe 

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