I was 18, and in the years past I have always been fascinated with prophecies (many not from the bible). One day I was surfing the web, about prophesies. I've been reading from Nostradamus, tabloids, etc. I went to search and the search engine came up with Christian websites. I went to several of them. And as the days past I constantly re- visited them. Many of them said that if you don't accept Christ then you are not going to Heaven. I was shocked at the time. The Christian websites persuaded me to accept Christ. Soon after I started reading the bible. When I found it, it was all dusted since no one has read it in years. I started reading it starting from Genesis. That day must have been one of the most important days in my life. Because that set the precedent possibly for years to come. Since that I have almost regularly read the bible. I started a good habit. Since that day up to today , while I am writing this testimony I have learned so much about the bible and Jesus Christ. At first it was tough to get rid of the bad habits that I had in the past. My old habits were cursing, anger, sexual/impure thoughts, watching dirty/violent movies, playing with the occult, and wanting to be with the crowd. Since I became a strong believer in Jesus Christ, I no longer want to always be with the crowd. I remember what it says in the bible, 'to be a friend of the world is to be an enemy with God'. God became the most important priority in life.

The thing is, my new found faith in Christ had to come with a serious price. My parents (who are not saved) started to dislike me being a devout Christian. My mother definitely. My mother is not a Christian, she is from India and she is Sikh (an Eastern Pagan cult). I pray for her everyday. My father who was born in America might have a little stint with being Christian a long time ago, but obviously left it. I pray for him too. Also my younger brother who is 16. He believes in a God, and that Christ lived, but he doesn't believe that he was a savior and that he ascended to Heaven. I also pray for him. One time my mother and I got into a little fight. I wasn't yelling but she was! It was the fact that I called her religion a cult. I remembered being called uneducated, insecure and narrow-minded. I brush all that off. Even during those times I remember how Christ was persecuted. Right now my immediate family are the only people who know that I am a devout Christian. My other relatives I'm not sure they are saved, because I don't see their fruit. Right now I've been bracing myself when the rest of the family knows that I am a Christian. I haven't had much contact with my distant relatives since I accepted Christ. If they do start asking why I chose to be Christian I'll say humbly "Because only Jesus is the way to everlasting life, and that he died for my sins and later resurrected." My mother's side may have a bigger problem with me being Christian, because they are devoutly religious Sikhs (Pagan). I just continue to pray for them and that somehow they can be converted to find Christ. I've been to India before , when I was a little child and I see so many idols; I guess that's where she gets her convictions from. I feel thankful that the persecutions that I go through had not been worse. Being yelled at, friends leaving you, being looked on as an oddball, being taken advantage off just because of being Christian; is nothing compared to being disowned by your parents, tortured, spit on, imprisoned, beaten, or even killed just for being Christian. I pray for the other Christians who has to go through persecutions, some of them heavy for them to stay strong.

Believing in Christ is something that I'm glad for. I continually rejoice in him. my life certainly changed. I'm living a more clean, righteous living.

Right now I'm in college. I'm 19 and continue to strengthen and grow in Christ. I'm a firm believer in that the Rapture will happen before the tribulation. That's why I constantly pray for my loved ones, and friends. I hope its today!!! I want to get out of this evil, sinful place and be with the Lord. There is so much partying (totally sinful). I just get away from that stuff. Most Christian organizations are very liberal and apostate I have nothing to do with them either. One year after I accepted Christ, I do the best to keep my fundamentalist views.

God Bless,
Donald Scoggins jr.

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