I drank alcohol and did drugs for 18 years. During those 18 years, I managed to buy a house and start a business with the help of my father. I was bound by an unholy spirit that craved drugs and alcohol and came very close to dying many times. I came from a catholic background and knew of God and Jesus but never new his Word.

Eight years ago, two people, Stu and Christy Greener came to the house that I owned to rent it. They were both Christians and had asked me if I wanted to go to a show at their church. I said. "Yes." After the performance, I went up for the altar call and said the salvation prayer. I believe the 'seed' God's Promise of delivering me, was planted then.

The next four years were the worst ever. I lost my company, I lost my house, and as fast as my father bought a tool to build up the company, I would sell it to get the next drug. I lost my car, I lost all my money. I broke my mother's and my father's heart. My life was a living, walking nightmare.

Then I managed to quit drinking for two months. I had done that before and it never took, I always went back. This time I did it God' s Way. I went to church and made a confession. I spoke with my mouth and meant it with my heart. I ask God to mend my body and my soul. That night God delivered me from that unholy spirit. He revealed to me the spirit that was within me.

From that moment on, faith was birthed in me. The next few weeks, I attended several churches but was never satisfied. After not seeing them for four years, I ran into Chrisy that same month at a garage sale. A couple of days later, Stu called and brought me back to their church - the Upper Room Tabernacle. I sat in on my first service and knew this place was filled with the Living Word of God. I knew then that with the help of Jesus, I could rebuild my life.

I received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and eternal life. I thank God for delivering me. I thank Jesus my Lord and Savior for restoring my life. I thank all the people and the Pastors of the Upper Room Tabernacle. It has been more than five years
since my new birth. God has restored to me - my business, my Mother's and
Father's love and all my tools. There are even greater things He is doing in my life. My mother, father and girl friend.

I will serve Jesus with every breath I have till the day I die, with out him I am nothing. I will tell every one in this world if I can what he has done for me. No man or devil will take away what God has given me. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Forever.


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