My name is Kyle and I am 14 and I live in Lexington, Tennessee. I used to say I was a Christian so my friends wouldnít get mad at me and annoy me about God and stuff. I went on along and I was living a lie with my friends and just convincing them that I was a Christian. I used to make jokes about Jesus and I would just make fun of him in bad ways.

I even used to have pride that I wasnít a Christian. I used to sin non-stop and I would not care because I had to guidance in my life, no one was there for me, and I was in a way, unhappy. It was on October 10, 2001, that this life of evil that I was living, would change. It was just a normal day, me and my friends talked, I was looking to Pornography on the internet, and my friends were trying to talk to me on messenger. I was ignoring them and making jokes about God. Then the Pornography got old and I suddenly started paying attention to what my friends were saying. My friends were telling me about God, parents are BIG Christians and my parents tried to force God on me and I thought that I was saved when I was like 7 (but at 7 I didnít truly understand the bible or God). I got sick of the bible cuz my parents constantly bugged me about it.....well...back to the story. 

My friends were talking to me and I was starting to pay attention...I didnít wanna keep on watching 100 Porno videos a day, I wanted to have guidance and other things in my life. These things that I wanted, God offered. One of my Christian friends told me to say a prayer, I said it...I meant it with all my heart, I asked God to come into my life and change things, and that I loved him and I need him to come into my heart and forgive me of my sins. I felt this feeling, it felt so great, it was almost like I was was so great. (this proves you can feel good without drugs).

The next day at school, I was more happy, and everything was different. (Yes, I still slept through some classes )...but Tons of things were different. I didnít feel sad or anything...I was somehow ashamed that I was a Christian in a way. Then my friend told me a verse and that all changed.

Matthew 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

I still may cuss sometimes (Not often AT ALL), and I still may sin...(we all do) ..but now I feel bad about it and I try to quit. To un-Christian people I just wanna ask them.."Do you think that all life is, is going to school, then getting a job, and having kids? That isnít life...there is more to life than that...there is God."

My bible has been laying under my bed, I dusted it off after I became a Christian, and I began to read it, and I still do.

I am nicer to my friends and now I actually feel offended by cuss words. One of my friends, when he cusses, all of my friends hit him in the head (not hard or anything)...we do it to try and make him stop.

I try harder in school (sorta) and I am nicer to my friends. God has come into my life and changed things, for the better, all you have to do is ask him in, and ask him to come in your life and forgive you of your sins, and ask him to guide you along the way. You have to mean it though, you donít just say it, you mean it ....

Well, that is My Testimony, Much Christian Love...

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