I have learned about Jesus from my childhood days but I got very close to him when I had to select a partner for my life. I always wanted a person who believes in my LORD Jesus (2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness) this was in my mind day in and day out.

My parents were Christian's but different denominations we had ups and downs in life where we went to both churches but I newer wanted to do this but lately I too found a person from another denomination and with a different race. I feared that this will not work out at all but I only had hopes that My LORD my Saviour would guide me all along. My parents were against this and one night when I was praying to Jesus I only asked " Jesus please let this happen if only you could get my parents blessings" and there came the reply " I will get your parents consent" at this time I had already broken up with him as my parents were against but then every thing changed I had this affair for about 5 years secretly and all the time I think Jesus guided both of us. There came one Christmas day when we came after church my mother was opening the Christmas cards and a card which was send by one of my friends were address to my boyfriend too. Oh all the fire works started they wanted me to stop this but the words kept ringing in my ears " I will get your parents consent" there were two other verses which I kept on saying " Don't quit" and " Jesus Never Fails" that all the way I had hopes of that Jesus will get the consent for me.

But by the 28th of December every thing was settled both parents met and the consent was given. "Praise to the LORD my GOD"

We both married in June 1991 and at present we are having two daughters (age 10 & 7) and is very happy as we both know that Jesus was with us and is guiding all our way providing every need for us. But life has not been so easy there had been times where the children have been very ill but he was there for us for protect them even then showing his presence to us.

There was a day that my eldest daughter was very ill with (dengue fever) It so happen when I was in hospital with her one afternoon she was sleeping and I was really afraid and was reading the bible psalm 121 & psalm 91 and I fell asleep when I got up she was breathing heavily I was crying and asking Jesus for help I suddenly stood up and was waking towards her bed when I saw Jesus picture and all my fears vanished, but wondered how the picture came there as it was not there when I went to sleep. But it helped me to know that Jesus was there. Only after 2 hours that I found out that my brother-in-law had come seen both of us asleep had left the picture and gone.

In 1994 I had lot of problems in my office where another superior wanted the section which I was handling under her purview and I knew this was unfair as the section which I was handling served all sections, Day in and out of my office I just wanted to leave and stay at home. It was my birthday and I told the church priest to come home and have a word of prayer I also asked my mom to pass the message to the church priest, which she did too.

On the day of my birthday when the church priest came and was saying the prayer it was all about office and advice to me. It went on " I have been with you all through your life I have taken care of you so why do you worry about problems in your office these problems are temporary, as I have been with you I will be with you for ever.." I really can't remember some of those, which were said, but I could remember the above words of comfort. At that time I was wondering why my mom has gone and told the priest all my office problems but when the prayer was over and the priest had left I asked my mom why she did this and she told me " It was not me I thought you had mentioned your office problems to the priest " I even had my brother and he said at the prayer session he knew it could be my mom who had said this but then at once we all knew that it was our dear father who spoken to me through the priest that day. I only had the comforting words to lead me all the way, within months my office problems vanished thanks be to GOD.

Five years after the above incident I left the office and even when I started to join another office every thing was perfectly planned by GOD and I really had the courage to leave the previous office after 15 years of service.

Quite recently in June 2002 I had a memorable night where I saw JESUS with a large crowd I was a bit far away from him but he was wearing a white robe with his golden hair falling down his shoulder the next moment I was seated at his right side I held him with both hands around him from the side and kept my head on his head Oh ! I started to cry .. And why I cried I do not know but I wished I held on to him a little bit more.

I told my office friends about the dream and after 2 weeks I had to travel north on an office mission. One morning I got a call from one of my friends who said that she also saw Jesus and when she saw she kept asking Jesus why do you only show your face to Nelum but not me and she kept on asking but Jesus was only smiling and there was an angel next to him who asked her "Do you know why Jesus is smiling" and when she said no! The Angel said " Child don't be jealous about others"

I some times think why Jesus loves me so much, and why he helps me like the way he does when I am a sinner (Matthew 9:13, For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.")

But Jesus came to this world to catch the sinners but each time I think about this the reply is " Because I love you" Yes Jesus loves each one of us its just that we too need to be close to him talk to him, Thank him each time you know that he has done something for you because we have a living GOD we have a saviour where we could talk to any time. You do not need to go to a place thinking that only to this place that Jesus lives. As the hymn goes

He Lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way
He Lives, He lives, salvation to impart!
You ask me How I know He lives?

Nelumdini Samaranayake
Sri Lanka

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