On April 3, 1995, I went to work just like any other day except that I had an inkling in my heart to pray for my personal safety.  

I was working with youth involved in gangs and felt that I was pushing it when it came to matter of holy dominion vs. satanic dominion over these young hearts and minds.  At 9:30am, I slipped  on the ice outside of the group home while I was bringing a girl who, on her 16th birthday, was miscarrying the product of prostitution. 

I do not remember how I fell, but I was later told that I was airborne, with my feet above my head.  I then landed on my head on two stacked Railroad ties, my neck landed on the ground at a right angle, then the rest of my body hit the ground.  My head flew up, hit my chest and then rested back on the ties.  

I remember floating above myself, hearing a voice from a large, protective being at my side telling me,"IF YOU DON'T GET UP NOW, YOU NEVER WILL''.   Instant panic welled within my soul to use every bit of energy to pull my body up to a sitting position on the ties.  

I went to the hospital, saw the right people.  I was sent home to rest for a few days and told to take muscle relaxes.  Three days later my (now) husband took me to the hospital and was diagnosed with dislocation in flexion, I later learned that if I looked down, my neck would dislocate.  

I was told that if my neck was how it was in the X-rays I would be paralyzed. I was sent home again, told to go to physiotherapy where I had traction on my neck every day for three months.  Needless to say I WAS BECOMING LOST, I could not even say a prayer with lucidity.  

The blood to my head was being cut off, my teeth were gray and my hair was falling out.  Upon research I learned that the treatment for dislocation was to find a good fitting wheelchair.  

I had so many encounters where Angels whispered in my ear, or warned me.  It is something I will document, but there was one day that changed my life.  In November, I finally saw a Neurologist, he said that I am very lucky (some doctors even acknowledged that this was nothing less than a miracle). This neurologist said that I should have had surgery the day I fell, but this doctor moved to the States, taking all of his files with him.  On the day I saw him I came home and lay on my bed, praying for grace, I knew I had absolutely no control over the outcome.  

I was lying on my back with my left arm outstretched, my cat was sitting over my arm and had me 'pinned' like she liked to do. In an instant room changed, I saw Keisha look up after I saw what looked like sparks coming off of her fur as though she was petted.  She then looked at me.  The room filled with warmth, safety and love. I felt cradled.  My left hand felt another hand hold it and I actually saw and felt my hand become held by another hand.  My cat saw this too and sank into the warmth.  I sensed a tall (7 ft) messenger of God letting me know that I was never alone.  

That experience has been told to so many, in more or less detail and I know that every time I tell how I became a total slave to God and his will.  Finally in January I saw a Neurosurgeon who did a fusion and instilled a titanium plate anteriorly at C4-5.  In his OR report he said that he did not need to cut the muscles, tendons or ligaments to get the disc out.  

Since that time I have been in a journey, a valley mostly.  I believe in God's Holy Angel's, that they are at everyone's call.  Psalm 91 has become a meditation for me.  there is no fear, no enemy formed against me shall prosper.  I think that God has plans for my life and talents that he gave me in exchange.  

During my recovery, I painted, drew, and did leather crafts to keep my hand busy.  I have now been picked to be in a calendar of Southern Alberta artists.  I will give God all the glory, he created these hands and His work comes through them.  I will share more next time.   Shari

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