One night I was at a party, just like every other night, the drugs and booze were always around but this night something happened that changed my life forever.

The reason I remember this night is we were drinking mixed alcohol out of a gas can, just passing it around, and smoking our  pot as always.  Well, I don't remember getting home but in the middle of the night I woke up out of a dead sleep and was wide awake and sober, but I was feeling like someone was in my room with me and didn't know who. 

It was a strong feeling to the point that I called out whose there, but no answer, so I sat up in bed and started to reach for a cigarette.  I was stopped by this presence in my room that I could not shake so I laid in my bed and started thinking about the night before and what a good time I had.  

Suddenly I heard this audible voice in my head.  I don't know then, but it said they were laughing at you.   Now I'm not into spooky things but when you hear something that is out of the ordinary it makes you sit up and listen.   I sat up in bed and called out, " who is in here?"  I started to really shake and I could feel this battle that was going on in my room as something like a heavy weight was being lifted off me and another presence was trying to enter me and then I started to cry as this peaceful presence started flowing thru me.  I cried and cried, I was crying so hard that puddles of tears were forming on the floor in front of me.

I laid down and cried myself to sleep.  I awoke the next morning and went to work and kept thinking about what happened and told people what had happened but they just said I was crazy so I just let it be, but something was changing in me.  I didn't know what at the time but I didn't feel like partying as much and wanted to quit but kept on doing it but each time just felt like I shouldn't.

About two weeks after that, a cousin of mine (who I hadn't seen in over 5 years) out of the blue he just comes knocking at my door with his wife.  I had heard that he had became a Jesus freak - I've always believed in God but wasn't sure who was right are wrong.  

We were glad to see each other.  He used to be a partier at one time.  I invited them in and we sat and talked, and they started to talk about the LORD.  I told them what happened to me a few weeks ago and they understood fully what was going on.  They asked if they could pray over me just before they left.  I said sure and they prayed for me and left.

I could feel that something was going on in side of me like a war but I continued to drink and smoke my dope.  I wanted to stop so I set a date which was New Years Eve in a few weeks.  I told every one of my beer buddies I was going to stop but believe me I received no support from them at all.

On New Years Eve, 1990, I was in a bar and at the strike of midnight I took one last drink.  I looked at my friends and said that's it for me - I walked out of the bar and felt like a new life had begun, the stars were shining, the air felt good and I jogged all the way home, praising the LORD the whole way.

I felt free, I had stopped and was free.   My friends were trying to get me to drink and party all the time afterwards. I was tempted in everyway possible.

Around six weeks later my cousin stopped by again just out of the blue.  I told him that I had stopped drinking.  He said "great!" and read me some scriptures and invited me to church.   I went with him and heard the gospel for the first time in my life and when the preacher gave a invitation to receive the LORD into your life I went forward.

He lead me to the LORD and how beautiful it was!  I cried and cried again just like the one night months ago and the rest is history.   I have been washed by the blood of the Lamb - my sins have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered again.  There is so much more I can say on here about the life I once lived and how the LORD delivered me from, so much more than I wrote.  I share it with whosoever wants to hear the story about the cross and how I came to the light.

Now, I am in a trust relationship with the one who died for me.  It hasn't been a life of total joy, I have my ups and downs, but the LORD delivers me from them all. I am totally set free from the drugs and alcohol and have absolutely no desire to ever live that life again.  Praise and glory and honor to the lamb of GOD!

Thanks for reading this and if you have a desire to write please do so. 

I love to hear the story of each person who has come to the cross ! 

Terry your brother IN CHRIST

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