This is intended to be a timeline of Islam from a Christian perspective. I will not agree with some of the things that Islam states such as that Ishmael was the one honored by God.

570: Mohammed is born in Mecca

573: Abu Bekr, Mohammed's father in law and first Caliph of the Mohammedans is born

606: Fatima, Mohammed's daughter is born

610: Mohammed has a vision on Mount Hira

615: Mohammed starts teaching his religion.

622: Mohammed is forced to flee Mecca for Medina. This event is called the Hegira and is year one on the calendar for Islam.

624: Mohammed marries Aisha who is the ten-year-old daughter of Abu Bekr.

625: Mohammed begins to dictate the Koran.

627: Mohammed's enemies from Mecca besiege Medina and slaughter 700 Jews.

628: Mohammed captures Mecca and writes letters to all the rulers of the world explaining the principles of the Moslem faith.

632: Mohammed dies he is replaced by Abu Bekr who makes his capital Medina. Fatima also dies.

633: The religion of Mohammedanism as it is known spreads to Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria taking those cities from the Christians.

634: Abu Bekr dies and is replaced by Mohammed's advisor, Omar I. Omar will spread the religion to Syria, Persia, and Egypt.

635: Damascus becomes the capital of the caliphs. Gaza is captured.

637: Jerusalem is conquered by the Arabs. Arabs are exposed to Islam.

638: Persia is besieged by the Moslems and asks for help from China.

639: The Arabs attack Armenia.

641: The Library of Alexandria is destroyed by the Arabs. Omar destroys the Persian Empire. The caliphs will rule the country till 1258 and Islam will replace the religion of Zoroaster.

642: The Eastern Roman Empire is weakened by the Arab conquest of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Syria. The Amr Mosque is built in Cairo.

643: The Muslims conquer Tripoli. The building of the Dome of the Rock begins.

646: The Byzantine Navy recaptures Alexandria.

649: The Arabs conquer Cyprus.

650: Caliph Othman puts the Koran into chapters. He also introduces the first organized news service.

652: The Arabs reach their southern limit at Aswan.

655: A Muslim fleet destroys the Byzantine fleet at Lycia.

656: Caliph Othman murdered.

658: The Omayyad's rise to power in Damascus. They will become a family of Caliph's in 660 and start a style of building.

661: Caliph Ali, nephew of Mohammed, murdered.

670: The Arabs attack Northern Africa.

671: "Greek Fire" is used against the Arabs during their siege of Constantinople.

674: The Arabs reach the Indus River.

679: Yezid I becomes Caliph.

683: Moawiyah II becomes Caliph.

684: Abdelmelik becomes Caliph.

693: Justinian II is defeated by the Arabs at Sebastopolis, Cilicia. Justinian was a Byzantine emperor who had invaded Arab territory for Christianity.

694: Arabs overrun Armenia

695: First Arab coinage.

697: The Arabs destroy Carthage.

700: The Arabs conquer Algiers and Christianity in North Africa is wiped out.

705: Walid I becomes Caliph. The Great Mosque is built in Damascus.

711: Spain with the exception of Asturias becomes an Arab state.

712: The Muslims conquer Samarkand, Seville, and an Indian state is established in Sind.

716: The Arabs conquer Lisbon.

717: Caliph Omar II grants tax exemption to all believers.

720: The Arabs cross into France. Yezid becomes Caliph. Abu Masa Dshaffar, who invents sulfuric acid, metric acid, aqua regia, and nitrate of silver, begins work.

724: Hisham becomes Caliph.

732: Charles Martel defeats the Arabs at Tours and stops the westward expansion of the religion.

744: Mervan II becomes Caliph he is the last of the Omayyads.

748: The Arab Navy is destroyed at Cyprus.

750: The Abbasids take over the Caliph office with their first Caliph Abu-al-Abbis. This year begins the study of medicine, astronomy, mathematics, optics, and chemistry in Arab Spain.

751: Western Asia embraces Islam. Islam fractions into four sects: Sunnites, Hafenities, Shafites, and Malikites.

754: Al Mansur becomes Caliph.

755: The Cordoba family takes the Caliph office until 1031.

763: Caliph al-Mansur moves the capital to Baghdad.

775: Caliph Mahdi starts an inquisition.

782: The Arab scientist Jabir starts to separate the study of Chemistry from alchemy.

809: Caliph al-Amin takes office.

810: Arab mathematician Muhammed ibn Musa al Chwarazmi starts to study equations which he calls Algebra.

826: The Arabs take Crete and plunder the Greek isles. The following year they will invade Sicily and Sardinia.

832: The Arabs invade Egypt

833: Samarra becomes the new capital of Islam.

838: Arabs sack Marseilles and settle in southern Italy. They also manage to defeat the Byzantine Army.

846: The Arabs sack Rome and damage the Vatican.

847: Mottawakkil becomes Caliph. He is the last Caliph of the whole Islam religion. After this the religion since it has split no longer listens to a caliph from another section.

850: The Arabs invent coffee.

858: Vikings are expelled by the Arabs from their lands.

869: Malta is captured by the Arabs.

880: The Arabs lose Italy.

888: The Arabs occupy Garde-Freinet on the coast of Provence.

900: Christians begin the reconquest of Spain from the Arabs. The Arab physician Rhases declares plague, consumption, smallpox, and rabies to be infectious diseases.

904: Salonika is sacked by Muslim pirates.

916: Arabs are expelled from central Italy.

935: Algiers is built by Arabs.

939: The Arabs lose Madrid.

961: The Arabs lose Crete

968: The Arabs found Cairo and lose Antioch.

975: Arabs lose Garde-Freinet

994: Arabs destroy the monastery of Monte Cassino. This is where the first rules for monks were established.

1004: Arabs sack Pisa.

1009: Muslims sack the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

1015: the Arabs conquer Sardinia.

1033: The Arabs lose Castile

1052: The Arabs lose Sardinia.

1075: The Turks, who are Muslim, take Syria and Palestine

1085: Toledo is taken from Arabs.

1086: The Muslims revive the Almoravid dynasty in a move to take back Spain.

1094: Valencia is taken from the Arabs.

1095: Pope Urban II starts The First Crusade.

1097: The Crusaders defeat the Turks at Dorylaeum, and take Nicaea.

1098: The Crusaders take Antioch

1099: The Crusaders take Jerusalem

1104: The Crusaders take Acre. This marks the end of the First Crusade

1125: The Almohades conquer Morocco.

1144: The Turks take Edessa.

1145: Pope Eugene III proclaims The Second Crusade.

1147: The Second Crusade ends in Asia Minor.

1176: General Saladin conquers Syria for the Arabs.

1183: General Saladin takes Aleppo.

1187: Saladin takes Jerusalem.

1189: Third Crusade is proclaimed.

1191: Richard I and his Crusade Army takes Cyprus

1193: Saladin dies and the Third Crusade ends

1200: Islam starts to replace Indian religions.

1202: The Fourth Crusade begins.

1203: The Arabs conquer Upper India.

1204: Crusaders take Constantinople and the Fourth Crusade is declared over.

1212: The Children's Crusade begins.

1217: The Children's Crusade fails to take Egypt and ends.

1228: The Sixth Crusade begins. It would end the next year with no gains.

1230: The Crusaders manage to bring Leprosy into Europe.

1236: The Arabs lose Cordoba to Castile.

1244: The Egyptians take Jerusalem.

1248: The Seventh Crusade begins. It ends in 1250 with the capture of Louis IX.

1258: The Mongols take Baghdad from the Arabs.

1270: The Eighth Crusade begins and ends the same year.

1291: The Muslim Mamelukes take Acre and end Christian rule in the East. The Crusade period is declared to be over by the Pope.

1333: Arabic Zenith in Granada

1352: Arabs explore the Sahara

1375: The Mamelukes take Sis and end Armenian independence.

1382: The Ottoman Turks capture Sofia.

1390: The Ottoman Turks capture Asia Minor from the Byzantines.

1396: The Ottoman Turks defeat a Hungarian Army at Nicopolis.

1398: The Ottoman Turks conquer Delhi.

1401: The Ottoman Turks capture Baghdad and Damascus.

1443: The Hungarians at Nish defeat The Ottoman Turks

1444: The Ottoman Turks defeat the Polish and Hungarians at Varna.

1447: The Arabs lose India, Persia, and Afghanistan.

1453: The Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople and destroy the Byzantine Empire.

1456: The Ottoman Turks capture Athens.

1463: The Ottoman Turks capture Bosnia.

1467: The Ottoman Turks capture Herzegovina

1492: The Country of Spain becomes a reality with the end of Arab rule. The Ottoman Turks invade Hungary

1493: The Ottoman Turks invade Dalmatia and Croatia.

1501: Persia officially adopts Islam.

1507: The Portuguese establish bases in the Persian Gulf.

1517: The Ottoman's take Egypt

1526: The Arabs finally take India.

1528: The Ottoman Turks take Buda in Hungary. The next year they will fail to take Vienna.

1550: Islam spreads to Java, Molucca, and Borneo

1568: All remaining Muslims in Spain are forcibly converted to Catholicism.

1571: The Spread of the Ottoman Empire ends at the Mediterranean.

1711: Russia and Turkey go to war.

1718: Turkey and Austria go to war. Turkey loses and will lose Hungary.

1722: Afghanistan becomes independent from Persia.

1804: Sudan becomes an Islamic State.

1811: British occupy Indonesia. They will give it to the Dutch in 1816.

1824: Greece becomes independent.

1827: Malaya becomes a British protectorate.

1828: Russia declares war on Turkey.

1830: French forces occupy Algeria ending Turk rule.

1839: Turkey loses Egypt.

1840: Egypt is forced to give up Syria.

1857: Great Britain takes India and ends Muslim rule there.

1859: The Islamic State of Daghestan becomes a Russian State.

1876: Britain builds the Suez Canal and takes over Egypt.

1878: Turkey sells Cyprus to Britain and Russia takes Adrianople.

1879: With the treaty of Berlin, Turkey loses 4/5 of its land in Europe.

1881: France invades Tunisia.

1901: France occupies Morocco.

1905: Islam reaches France once again as it is recognized as a religion.

1916: Arabs rebel against Ottoman Rule. They are led by Lawrence of Arabia.

1918: With the end of World War I, the Ottoman Empire ceases to exist. Syria and Damascus become French protectorates. Palestine is born.

1921: The country of Transjorden is declared along with that of Iraq.

1924: Arabia is established as it gains control of Mecca and Medina.

1928: Turkey is declared a secular state.

1932: Iraq gains its independence.

1935: Persia changes its name to Iran.

1936: With increased Jewish immigration the first war occurs between Jewish and Arab people in the Holy Land.

1941: Britain and Russia invade Iran.

1943: Palestine starts a terror war in the Holy Land.

1946: Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria are granted independence.

1947: Pakistan is made a Muslim country as it separates from India.

1948: Israel becomes a country. The Arabs reject their own state and go to war with Israel. The Arabs lose their first war.

1951: Libya becomes independent.

1956: Morocco and Tunisia become independent. The Israelis take the Sinai.

1962: Algeria becomes independent.

1965: Malcolm X is assassinated in America ending for a time the Black Muslim movement in America. It would start up again in the 1970's

1967: The six-day war

1973: The Yom Kipper War.

1979: The Shah is overthrown in Iran and the country becomes a fanatical Muslim state.

1980: Israel destroys Iraq's nuclear plant and Iraq invades Iran

1989: Iraq-Iran war comes to an end,

1991: Persian Gulf War I

2001: The World Trade Center is destroyed. Later that year Afghanistan is pacified by America

2003: Iraq is freed.