Most prophetic minded people would like say they've never heard of Mr. Lewis. Many of those same people would be surprise to find they likely own some of the 41 books he has written on prophecy.


"We truly believe that we are living in the last days, however, we are opposed to all date setting schemes as relating to the return of our Lord. Jesus said, 'You do not know when the time is...' (Mark 13:32). Israel is the key to understanding Bible prophecy, and Jerusalem is the heart of Israel and the Temple is the heart of Jerusalem. Prophecy should never be used to promote escapism. It is a message designed to motivate us to action. God is looking for participants, not spectators in the end time drama." This statement was made by David Allen Lewis and is recorded on his website,

The three main emphases of David Allen Lewis Ministries are prophecy, prayer, and spiritual warfare. They believe that judgment is coming but do not beat the doomsday drum that tends to propagate a message of despair and a life of fear. Instead, this ministry preaches a message of hope (see Titus 2:13). To realize ultimate end time victory, people need knowledge, hope, and intercession.

David and Ramona Lewis have completed nearly fifty years of ministry. David has written over 40 books. He is also involved in publications such as: Jerusalem Courier, Prophecy Watch, Audio Prophecy Digest and Tape of the Month Service. He is a clergyman, a lecturer, a researcher, a publisher, and is active in national and international circles in promoting the welfare of the Church, of Israel, and of the Jewish people. He has been ordained by the Assemblies of God for over 35 years. Books by Lewis include Magog Cancelled 1982 (New Leaf Press, 1982), Signs of his Coming (New Leaf Press, 1999), Prophecy 2000 (New Leaf Press, 2001), Mysteries of the Bible Now Revealed (New Leaf Press, 2001), The Last War (New Leaf Press, 2001), and Can Israel Survive in a Hostile World? (New Leaf Press, 2001).

The Last War: The Failure of the Peace Process and the Coming Battle For Jerusalem, is a great book for those non-Jewish people who want to better understand the implications of current events in the Middle East. Lewis analyzes the media reports and the political & religious background pertaining to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lewis supports his analysis through a range of thought-provoking interviews with a number of political figures who possess a vast knowledge of the historical and political core issues of the present unrest.

By: Nicole Balnius