Gary is one of today’s top prophecy scholars from the Pre-Trib viewpoint. In 1985, he founded Discovery Ministries, Inc.


We have met and talked on a number of occasions, most often at the Pre-Trib meetings held annually in Dallas. This is a prophecy think-tank founded by Dr.Tim LaHaye, whom both Gary and I are thankful to call our friend.

Gary is one of today’s top prophecy scholars from the Pre-Trib viewpoint. As a matter of fact, he is privileged to share the various podiums with Dr. LaHayeand Dr. Ed Hindson while they travel throughout the U.S. presenting messages in the Left Behind Prophecy Conferences, hosted by America’s largest churches.

Dr. Frazier resigned a successful pastorate in New Orleans, Louisiana, to found Discovery Ministries, Inc. (DMI) in 1985. DMI is an evangelism and educationministry involving pastors and missionaries to the Middle East, with emphasis on Israel. Gary has traveled to Israel more than150 times since 1971. Hisministry has taken more than 7,000 ministers, along with thousands of believers from all over the United States, to the Holy Land.

DMI is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of equipping believers through travel to Israel and promoting Christian support forthe state of Israel and its biblical right to exist. DMI is recognized by the Israel Government Ministry of Tourism as one of America’s leading tour operators.

Dr. Frazier is a much sought-after speaker on the subject of Bible prophecy. His “What’s Behind Left Behind” seminars are spiritually awakeningexperiences, giving new insight into current events in these last days, with an emphasis on the Middle East. Dr. Frazier speaks in approximately 40 churchesa year. He has appeared on numerous Christian radio and television talk shows. In addition, his book entitled Signs of the Coming of Christ has a corresponding4-hour video series that was filmed on location in Israel. The series has received wide acceptance and has aired on the Odyssey Network and on the ACTSSatellite Network. His second book, The Glorious Appearing, was released in July, 2001. Dr. Frazier is a key contributor to the LaHaye Prophecy Study Biblereleased in October of 2000, and he serves as an adjunct professor in the LaHaye School of Prophecy at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Dr. Frazier and his wife, Sandra, live in Arlington, Texas, and are members of Fielder Road Baptist Church. They have four children and eightgrandchildren. Dr. Frazier’s educational background includes the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies in Dallas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminaryin Fort Worth. He holds a M.A. and Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Honorary Doctorates from Liberty University, Lynchburg,Virginia and International Seminary, Plymouth, Florida.

--Terry James