Church authored many books, while at the same time God continued to grow his ministry. Among those books are, Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms, published first in 1986 and then revised in 1990


 Few current Bible prophecy teachers, who also have television broadcast ministries, have served the cause of Jesus Christ longer than Dr. J.R. Church, host of Prophecy in the News.

Church, whose ministry is national and world wide through the Internet, has authored many books. Among those books are, Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms, publishedfirst in 1986, and then revised in 1990; Guardians of the Grail: And the Men Who Plan to Rule the World, 1989; They Pierced The Veil, 1993; Hidden Propheciesin the Song Of Moses, 1999; The Mystery Of The Menorah written with Gary Stearman, 1999; On the Eve of Adam: God’s Ancient Plan for Lucifer’s Defeat, 2001.

Guardians of the Grail: And the Men Who Plan to Rule the World. Guardians of the Grail explores the legend of the Holy Grail and the kings who claim tobe connected with it. It links the Knights Templar, Priory of Sion, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, House of Theosophy, and modern Mormonism. The bookalso discusses the way that mankind will be deceived into accepting worldwide enslavement under the guise of "peace and prosperity" in the person of theAntichrist and his establishment.

Hidden Prophecies in the Song of Moses is based on the prophecy of Revelation 15 which says that the saints will sing the song of Moses.

On his website,, while reflecting on his walk with the Lord, Church describes how he came to know the Lord this way:

“When I was seven years old, I was invited by a kid down the block to attend a Wednesday afternoon Bible Class, held after school at the home of Mrs. PaulineClick. She lived on the corner of 33rd and Ave. P., just two short blocks from my house – short blocks, but a long walk for a seven-year-old. My twin brother,Terry, and I crowded in with 40 other kids to her living room and sang songs like ‘Do Lord’ and ‘I’m in the Lord’s Army.’ Mrs. Click could really firemy imagination with her storytelling! When she concluded her lesson with an invitation to receive Christ, Terry and I responded.

At age 15, Mrs. Click informed me that I was too old to attend her Children’s Bible Class any longer! But in later years, when I became a pastor in thecity, she joined my congregation. I turned out to be the pastor of the very person who led me to the Lord. She’s been in heaven for several years now,but is still laying up spiritual treasures through the more than 40 ministers and missionaries who came out of her weekly Bible Class.

After many years of dedication to serving the Lord, it could be said that those two short blocks turned into a lifelong walk.

J.R. Church is married to Linda and they have two grown children and many precious grandchildren. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tennessee TempleUniversity in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1962. He then became an ordained Baptist minister and served as a pastor for 17 years. Recently, after 40 yearsin the ministry, on July 21, 2000, Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary, Sharpsburg, Georgia, presented Church with a Doctor of Divinity degree.

After hearing great preachers like J. Harold Smith, R. G. Lee, Jack Wyrtzen, and many others, Dr. Church says, “I am a composite of those who inspired medown through the years.” Over those years, Church developed a passion for eschatology and for watching Biblical prophecy unfold before his eyes. Becauseof that passion, J.R. and Linda moved to Oklahoma City in 1979, where he founded Prophecy in the News, a worldwide television and publishing ministry devotedto the study of Biblical prophecy and current events.

It Is clear that J.R. Church has a passion for discovering the deeper truths in the Word, his presentations are alwaysdynamic, well studied, and quite fascinating.

In summary, J. R. Church is a Bible scholar who truly loves the Lord. He has given his life to studying and teaching the Word of God. He, like Rapture Ready,is working to win lost souls to Christ and to prepare the Church for the coming of the Lord.